Welcome to the USS Ticonderoga CG-47 Veterans' Site

This site is dedicated to those of us who were "haze gray and underway" with the USS Ticonderoga CG-47. We hope to provide a place for CG-47 vets to reconnect with shipmates.

The USS Ticonderoga CG 47 was decommissioned on Thursday, September 30th, 2004. She is currently at the Navy Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility in Philadelphia awaiting final disposition. For news, commentary, and pictures, of decommissioning ceremony, check this page: Decommissioning info. Efforts are underway to place the Ticonderoga as a museum. Please visit our message board for the latest information.

As former Tico sailors (see "About Us"), we decided to create a place for other vets to catch up, stay in touch, and exchange sea stories. If you're wondering what your Navy buddies are up to, why not put a post on the Message Board? You can also send us an email and we'll add you to our "Tico Vets" list. Then other vets can get in touch with you on their own.

Other features of the site include a Tico Photo gallery and Tico history page. If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please feel free to drop us a line using the "Email Us" button. Enjoy!

To connect with other Tico sailors from both the carrier and the cruiser, head on over to the Ticonderoga Veterans' Association web site.

You might also try Military.com's Ticonderoga page or the Together We Served site.

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