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This site is maintained by former GMM2s Joe Knight and Darrell Pace. We served together on Tico for around three years in the early nineties. We stayed in touch after leaving the Navy, and while remembering all of the "Fine Navy Days" we had on the ship we started wondering what our shipmates are up to. We decided to put up this page to find out. We also hope to provide a place for all former Tico sailors to reconnect with shipmates.

Quick Bios:

Darrell Joe
Rating GMM2 GMM2
Time on Tico 10/90 to 12/93  09/90 to 05/94
Current Residence Charlotte, NC

Twin Cities, MN

Quote "Chief, I am NOT going to get my ESWS certification!" "Forward launcher rules!"





Privacy statement: The sole purpose of this web site is to enable former Tico sailors to communicate with each other. This site is not affiliated with any commericial business. Any information you provide to us will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released without your consent.

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